Mini Silage Bagger

It is designed for the production and storage of animal feed (silage and haylage) in small silage bags (26-1/2”x 44”, 3.5 mil thickness, UV protection) that store 60 lbs, on average, of fresh corn silage in each bag for up to 1 year.

Silage has proved to be a very nutritive feed for all ruminants (sheep, goats, horses, alpacas, bulls, and cows) and a good alternative during fresh forage shortage.

Silage in Bags prevents feed from spoiling for up to 1 year.


- Gas engine with EPA certified.
- Agitators to avoid clogging.
- Productivity: a thousand pounds per hour, on average. Automatic shut off of the machine.
- Capable of bagging a several different products
- The Plastic bags are easily filled with our equipment and can be stored in piles indoor or outdoor, providing UV protection and puncture position