9 Foot Silage Bagger
5 Foot Silage Bagger
Mini Silage Bagger

"This was a great investment. Before using silage to feed our dairy goats, we used hay. But as more hay fields are being sold for subdivisions, finding hay got harder each year along with rising prices. Now we’re able to feed better quality food that has a higher nutrition value than hay. Plus, it pays for itself in no time.

The greatest feeling was not having to stress of finding quality hay, buying enough to last the winter, not having to overpay because the hay farmers couldn’t find help picking the hay bales up from the field or having to work on their schedule to pick the hay up myself from someone’s field. In just a few days I put up enough silage for the entire winter. And I did it on my time, when I wanted to".

Customer - Alabama USA

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