9Ft Silage Bagger

9ft Silage Baggers are very efficient,  affordable, reliable and easy maintenance.

Our machines it is a high quality farm  equipment and has all the advantages in the  storage of silage.

·       Work with bags that fits perfectly  medium farms.

·       Almost no waste.

·       Easy daily feed rate.

·       High compaction rate.


- 16" diameter discharge auger.
- 35" x 80"  transport Conveyor with hydraulic speed and level adjustment control, low noise during operationonveyor, built to last.
- Heavy duty 540 PTO Drive with shear pin protection
- High pressure double caliper disk brakes with gauge and hydraulic hand pump.
- Capable of bagging grains
- Adjustable axle height for optimal suiting to your farmland
- Ready-to-tow position
- No backstop required
- TOns per hours: 35t/h