Micro Mushroom Bagger
Mini Mushroom Bagger

Mushroom Baggers

Our Mushroom baggers are a very efficient and innovative agricultural machine.

We have two different models; Micro Mushroom Bagger and Mini Mushroom Bagger

Made of steel (no plastic parts on the frame or hopper).

Pneumatic tires for easy moving.

Brings all the advantages of mushroom log making.

It carries a powerful 220V – 5HP Electric Motor or a 6.5HP small gas engine, EPA certified.

High density compaction that helps with the mushroom flowering.


- Gas engine with EPA certified.
- Agitators to avoid clogging(Mini Mushroom only).
- Plastic bag diameter size can be easily found online or at local warehouses.
- Capable of bagging a several different products
- The Plastic bags are easily filled with our equipment.